Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Schools on both ends of the spectrum

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Schools with the highest and lowest NCAA graduation success rates, tracking scholarship athletes who arrived from high school or transferred from other colleges from 1998 to 2001:
The good in Division I
1.Alcorn State 99%
Colgate 99%
3.Holy Cross 98%
Notre Dame 98%
Navy 98%
The rest of the best in FBS (formerly I-A)
Duke 97%
Northwestern 97%
Boston College 96%
Stanford 95%
Vanderbilt 94%
The bad in Division I
1.Florida A&M 39%
2.Chicago State 40%
Jackson State 40%
4.Savannah State 43%
5.Southern 44%
The worst in FBS (fomerly I-A)
San Jose State 52%
Florida International 58%
Fresno State 61%
Louisiana-Monroe 61%
Texas-El Paso 61%
Source: NCAA
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