Thursday, December 17, 2009

Interested in Advertising- Check Out These Opportunities With PDC Advertising

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About PDC:

Great People, Great Books, Great Results!

At PDC, we have a motto: Great People, Great Books, Great Results! This three-fold manifest is the standard we use to measure our progress and determine our goals. This statement is not just a slogan that we slap on marketing materials; it contains the core values that PDC is built on.

PDC has been in the telephone book publishing business for over 35 years. We currently publish over 190 directories across the United States.

PDC is a leader in providing an innovative source of information for the businesses and communities we serve. It is our goal to become the standard of excellence in the publishing industry by providing quality telephone directories uniquely tailored to the customer's needs. Community Guides, Dining Guides, Wedding Guides, Area Guides, Cross Reference Sections and accurate listings are just some of the features we offer our users. The ideals that our company constantly strives to achieve have been validated time and again by organizations both inside and outside the telephone directory industry.

Click on the Job Links below to learn more and apply:

PDC AdvertisingSalem, OR-Advertising ConsultantSalem, OR
PDC AdvertisingSanta Rosa, CA-Advertising ConsultantSanta Rosa, CA
PDC AdvertisingEdmond, OK-Advertising ConsultantEdmond, OK
PDC AdvertisingShawnee, OK-Advertising ConsultantShawnee, OK
PDC AdvertisingNorman, OK-Advertising ConsultantNorman, OK
PDC AdvertisingLeavenworth, KS-Advertising ConsultantLeavenworth, KS
PDC AdvertisingManhattan, KS-Advertising ConsultantManhattan, KS
PDC AdvertisingSalina, KS-Advertising ConsultantSalina, KS
PDC AdvertisingStillwater, OK-Advertising ConsultantStillwater , OK
PDC AdvertisingPhoenix, AZ-Advertising ConsultantPhoenix, AZ
PDC AdvertisingAltus, OK-Advertising ConsultantAltus, OK
PDC AdvertisingArdmore, OK-Advertising ConsultantArdmore, OK
PDC AdvertisingLawton, OK-Advertising ConsultantLawton, OK
PDC AdvertisingOgden, WY-Advertising ConsultantOgden, WY
PDC AdvertisingOgden, UT-Advertising ConsultantOgden, UT
PDC AdvertisingSalt Lake City, UT-Advertising ConsultantSalt Lake City, UT
PDC AdvertisingGillette, WY-Advertising ConsultantGillette, WY
PDC AdvertisingCheyenne, WY-Advertising ConsultantCheyenne, WY
PDC AdvertisingCasper, WY-Advertising ConsultantCasper, WY
PDC AdvertisingRiverton, WY-Advertising ConsultantLander, WY
PDC AdvertisingRiverton, WY-Advertising ConsultantRiverton, WY
PDC AdvertisingOklahoma City, OK-Advertising ConsultantOklahoma City, OK
PDC AdvertisingSalisbury, NC-Advertising ConsultantSalisbury, NC
PDC AdvertisingAsheville, NC-Advertising ConsultantAsheville, NC
PDC AdvertisingHickory, NC-Advertising ConsultantHickory, NC
PDC AdvertisingWestchester, NY-Advertising ConsultantWestchester, NY
PDC AdvertisingWest Lebanon, NH-Advertising ConsultantWest Lebanon, NH
PDC AdvertisingWhite Fish, MT-Advertising ConsultantWhite Fish, MT
PDC AdvertisingKalispell, MT-Advertising ConsultantKalispell, MT
PDC AdvertisingMissoula, MT-Advertising ConsultantMissoula, MT
PDC AdvertisingStevens Point, WI-Advertising ConsultantStevens Point, WI
PDC AdvertisingJanesville, WI-Advertising ConsultantJanesville, WI
PDC AdvertisingSt. Michael, MN-Advertising ConsultantSt. Michael, MN
PDC AdvertisingSanta Rosa, CA-Advertising ConsultantSanta Rosa, CA
PDC AdvertisingDuluth, MN-Advertising ConsultantDuluth, MN
PDC AdvertisingLawrence, KS-Advertising ConsultantLawrence, KS
PDC AdvertisingIdaho Falls, ID-Advertising ConsultantIdaho Falls, ID
PDC AdvertisingTwin Falls, ID-Advertising ConsultantTwin Falls, ID
PDC AdvertisingOrlando, FL-Advertising ConsultantOrlando, FL
PDC AdvertisingMilford, CT-Advertising ConsultantMilford, CT
PDC AdvertisingNorthern AZ-Advertising ConsultantNorthern, AZ
PDC AdvertisingFaribanks, AL-Advertising ConsultantFairbanks, AL
PDC AdvertisingOffice Clerk-Stevens Point, WIStevens Point, WI

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