Monday, July 13, 2009

Today's Worst Resume Email Address

If your email address is anything other than your name- don't put it on your resume. There, it's that simple. I don't care if you are trying to be cute or funny (which is great and encouraged in most every other aspect) it just doesn't work on your resume. Take five minutes go to gmail and register your name or some variation of your name. Whatever you do just don't put on your resume (sorry muscledude27)

Here's what's prompted me to write this. I've been receiving resumes lately and the first thing I see, front and center on the contact info is some ridiculous email address. The person's resume could be great but frankly I get distracted by the goofy email address and have a difficult time moving past it.

So to raise awareness of this epidemic I first ordered little yellow rubber bracelets that say and now I'm going to highlight today's top email address (these are actual email prefixes, I've removed the email provider domain for their privacy)

Today's winner:

Abeautfulchikinside@ (Really???)

Honorable mention goes to:

TheAdmiralZephyr@ (this one really intrigues me, I feel like this person should be a skilled boater and would not be shocked if they showed up at the interview with Sperry Topsiders on)

August 3rd Today's Winner:

CatchDeuceDeuce@ (I imagine this person as the biggest Emmitt Smith fan on the planet, and would probably wear zubaz pants and a Dallas Cowboys Starter jacket to the interview)

August 14th Today's Winner:

LuvzBallin@ ( I luvz this email)

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Today's Favorite Email- LuvzBallin@