Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Johnny Bunko- Recommended Reading

When was the last time you read a comic book? Well for me it was last night & it was totally worth it. I was recently turned on to Dan Pink's latest book The Adventures of Johnny Bunko- The last career guide you'll ever need http://www.johnnybunko.com/ while attending a authors forum he was hosting.

Dan Pink author of Free Agent Nation & A Whole New Mind has broken the mold for traditional career development books (the first American business book done in Japanese style Manga) - Johnny Bunko is a quick read & provides no fluff advice. It breaks down the career search into 6 lessons (yes I'm going to give you the lessons but you'll still need to read the book). Here are the take a ways from Johnny Bunko:

1: There is no plan (the plan is there is no plan- there are only two job choices instrumental & fundamental)

2: Think Strengths not Weakness ( how often have you been told to work on your deficiencies, focus on the weak points to turn them into strengths has been the conventional wisdom & it is wrong. Don't worry about your weaknesses focus on your strengths otherwise you end up mediocre & miserable)

3: It's not about you ( Use your strengths not for self actualization but to serve your customers)

4: Persistence trumps talents (those who stick to it will beat those who coast on natural talent, so you may not have the best GPA but if you focus on your strengths & persists you will beat your more talented competition)

5: Make excellent mistakes (you may have heard the old adage if you're going to fail, fail big. Well there is truth to that. You can't be afraid to fail if you don't take chances or don't take risks that is the failure)

6: Leave an imprint (no you don't have to rescue puppies & save the world although that would be great, but do something that impacts others that leaves an indelible mark on those you work with & impacts something larger than yourself)

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